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Mental health encompasses emotional psychological and social well-being. It affects our way of thinking, feeling, and how we act to situations or external stimuli.

Mental health can also affect our relation’s daily well-being and physical health in various manners.

Definition of Mental Health:  According to the World Health Organisation, It is more than just the absence of any disorder or disability. This definition covers all the aspects of human and environmental interaction that is, ongoing Wellness/ happiness/ engaging with the community or society.

Characteristics of a mentally healthy person:

Signals of poor mental health:

Why mental health is important mental health is important?

What, why, and how of mental health?

It is an integrated part of our body and life.it affects our thought process, decision making, behavior, and emotional well- being.

Being mentally healthy increases productivity and more effectiveness towards family, workplace settings, school college or caregiving centers 

 How to improve mental health?

 When is a good time to reach out for help?

 well, no one is never too late to reach out for help. Mental health issues affect everyone in various ways.

 If you observe any of the above-mentioned symptoms on a regular daily basis, there are always ways to reach out to people for support.

some ways to get mental health help:

10 eye-opening Mental health facts: 

Mental, neurological, and substance use disorder comprises 10% of the global disease burden and 30% of nonfatal disease burden.

Depression is one of the leading causes of disability affecting almost to 264 million people worldwide

Almost half of the mental disorders begin before the age of 14 one person dies from suicide every 40 seconds that sums up 800,000 people.

The second leading cause of death in individuals aged 15 to 29 years is suicide.

Global economic losses alone cost the US about 1 trillion dollars per year in productivity just because of anxiety and depression.

Up to 40% of all Trans people have made a suicide attempt before the age of 25 

LGBTQIA+ youth are four times more likely to attempt suicide than their peers. 

Less than half of the people having mental health treatment due to stigma and Discrimination

10th October is observed as World Mental Health Day and for the 1st time celebrated it was celebrated in 1992.

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