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In this post, We are going to decode the points What is Wrong with the Alt Balaji web series? Alt Balaji came into existence in April 2017. And recently I was both shocked and surprised to see that the OTT platform has crossed over 1 M PAID SUBSCRIBERS. My world turned upside down and the first thing that came into my mind was, “KAUN HAIN YE LOG? AATE KAHAN SE HAIN?” and maybe that is why ALTBalaji always makes it into the headlines for its controversial web series. 

What is Wrong with the Alt Balaji web series?

It’s not hidden from anyone, what actually Alt Balaji offers. ALTBalaji has changed the meaning and dynamics of web series. When OTT platforms like Amazon Prime and Netflix (ummm…maybe) produce remarkably engaging content in India, our desi platform ALT Balaji remains busy manufacturing Gandi Baat 1, Gandi Baat 2, Gandi Baat 3, Gandi Baat 4 and what next; Gandi Baat Returns? maybe. Creative names. No? Hey! And don’t get judgemental when it comes to XXX and XXX: Season 2 (Uncensored). They’re exactly what you just thought of!

The list doesn’t end here. Bekaboo, Ragini MMS Returns, Ragini MMS Returns: Season 2 (does that even make sense?) the list just goes on and on. Ekta Kapoor has been ruling the Indian television for decades. From Kasauti Zindagi Kay to Nagin Franchise, her shows have always been on the TRP charts. She simply knew what appeals to the Indian audience.

Those shows undoubtedly have had hammy scripts, thousands of closeups, and a lot of drama but they were bearable. But apparently there was A LOT that she wanted to show but was limited by The Broadcasting Content Complaints Council (BCCC). Web series aren’t bound by any norms and that is where Ms. Kapoor and her team tried to cash their heads.

Almost every show on ALT Balaji is a cocktail of sex, more sex and even more sex. Script isn’t existential. These shows constantly revolve around physical relationships between teacher and student, uncle and niece and every possible possibility. Recently, they showed an angle between an army officer’s wife and her doctor. It led to a big controversy and eventually they had to take that episode  down.

There are some good shows as well. These shows include –  Broken but Beautiful, Baarish, Dil Hi Toh Hai, and a few more but almost 80% content on this OTT Platform is vulgar. Rather, crosses the limits of vulgarity. The problem is not only with what is created, the problem is that people engage themselves with such content.

1M paid subscribers in itself is a golden figure. It’s high time for Indian audiences to be smart and learn to differentiate between good and bad content. By subscribing to such platforms they encourage the makers to create such pathetic content.

There should be certain limitations imposed on these web platforms. Like movies, they should be certified as A, U/A, U before they’re thrown at the screens. And most importantly, the producers of such shows should keep aside the profits they’re gonna make and realize what impact it would have on the masses.

I sincerely wish the next time the makers think of producing any such show, they realize how ‘Gandi Baat’ it is to manufacture such shows and we do not get to witness any such content ever again.


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By Mehul Kumar Sony

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