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So, now you have set up your own blog. Congrats! for that, you have already completed the 1st step! You’ve chosen a very unique name, a great looking WordPress or Tumblr with all the customization and designs, etc. etc. everything looks exactly the way you have always dreamed it would. but now the question comes what to do now? you have to post something, right? so what could it be? well, here are some tips to write 1st blog we need to keep in mind :

As every blog has to start from somewhere, make sure your first impression on what we call, BLOGO-SPHERE must be a good one!

Topic: take one in which you are interested to talk about, the one which you know the best, you experience that at some point. it can be the subject you are majoring in, your fables, movies, book, and tech reviews, etc. clear your head and think. do brainstorming for ideas and write or type on google keeps that is what I do.

Title: A CATCHY-CRISP freshly taken out of the oven TITLE, the one thing which grasps the ATTENTION of the visitor.

Introduction: Hook people with a BOLD statement, use words like-ultimate formula, tips, tricks, etc.

Mention what you are going to talk about in the post, let the reader sink into it.

Body: To write a 1st blog use subheadings. It should be eye-appealing to the reader’s, easy to read, and engaging. prefer writing short paragraphs {5-6} lines.

Citation: Try linking the body of your post to other people’s posts or websites to create more credibility, originalness, engagement.

Conclusion: summarize what your post is about. try to end it with some questions, let the reader do some homework. with this, people would ten to get back to your post, try to leave a comment.

engagement will spike up, good for your post.

people are more likely to skip the entire body. they directly jump on to the conclusion and arrive at their own decision. so make a separate heading for it, CONCLUSION, and nothing else.

BONUS: oh well yes! tips to write a 1st blog can not end without some bonus points when you link other sites, people love that, by getting mentioned and backlinked. this drives more traffic. there might be some chances that they share your post and reply to you, leave a comment to your site, etc.

Use more google friendly KEYWORDS, try keeping the blog thoroughly about your targeting audience.

so, what are you waiting for? spill your creative beans and see the magic of your words!

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