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Blogs are some sort of tiny websites. Blogs represent a whole person and related things like brand/ business/ store/ personal stuff etc. Writing interested blogs not only provide you more traffic. How to write interesting blog 10 best tips for beginners.

But also, helps in building trust and good repo with the reader. This article will help you on How to write interesting blog ? 10 best tips for beginners!

Blog not only presents above-said things, it represents the whole way of thinking, personality, more importantly, the writing pattern, education, and background of a person writing it, and that is where content writing comes into play.

Most of the time people say we do not judge, notice, and stuff like this but come on we are humans and we all have tendencies to notice mistakes, errors whether related to grammar or spelling or design of a blog; people do notice. 

Also, it is a duty of the writer to provide legitimate content to the user, to do more in-depth research about the topic, and to make it user friendly for easy acquisition.

So, with all this said let’s take dive into:

How to write interesting blog 10 best tips for beginners
How to write interesting blog 10 best tips for beginners!!

10 best tips for beginners on How to write interesting blog content!

Tip 1: Keep your blog simple and short:

Keeping it simple and short will help you gain more interested viewers. If they wanted to read long-ass paragraphs, they could have just read novels.

Tip 2: Try to be more flexible and versatile:

Tip3: Post more often:

Most of the people, what they do is they fail to maintain regularity. In the beginning, the site is all warm and active but as time passes, interest too. Keeping it active is very less and posting more often takes a very less amount of time. 

Tip 4: Use more facts and statistics:

Including relevant facts and statistics in a blog makes it more interesting to read and more fun to look at also one more advantage is, people tend to think that it is legit and trust your writing. for example:

The whole point is, statistics can be interesting when provided to the audience, and leads to a lot of genuineness and originality of the subject.

Tip 5: Try sticking to your point 

To make the blog more interesting and easy to understand, sticking to the actual topic is very important because nobody likes to revolve and read the monotonous boring stuff which does not provide fruitful information to the reader.

Tip 6: Add nice and relevant videos , images, graphics to make it more eye appealing. 

Tip7: Use humor to provide a warm human touch:

As you are not actually physically present to provide the information. This makes it difficult to express the needed expression of speech, human experience and humor. Providing humor makes the reader come back and read your blogs.

Tip8: Keep a light usual tone:

You are no Hitler or some Hindi or Physics professor nor some interviewer. You are a blogger who is providing the info needed to the reader. 

Reading text is a boring task but with a tangy and crispy twist of fun and humor, the game is in YOUR RING!

Tip 9: Check spellings, structure and some unusual errors:

Proofreading is a must whenever you write anything whether writing for academic papers, or any exam proofreading is a non-separable part of content writing.

Spellings and errors diverts the eyes and mind of the reader, leaving behind the essence of your article.

How to write interesting blog 10 best tips for beginners

Tip 10: Add a call-to-action:

Give some homework to the reader to do. Use compelling words to let the reader take some action.

Conclusion: Now you know the tips to write interesting articles. So what are you waiting for? Take paper, pen, and laptop, and start writing. 

Bonus tip: Have your blog proofread by someone else and never take setbacks onto you, content writing for blogging is a bit difficult but never stop writing!!

content writing for blogging

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