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Everything you need to know about Majnu ka Tilla in Delhi 2020 review | best places to visit around

Majnu ka Tilla or Majnu’s mound (MKT), a region of Delhi called Mini Tibet, will not be an exaggeration. Everything here is connected to Tibet. Slogans are also written in support of Tibet. Almost every shop must have a sticker on it, save Tibet. These Tibetian people left their country but did not leave their culture like many other refugees. Keeping their memory together, he made Tibet in India. This is where the bus runs from Majnu Ka Tila to Himachal’s Dharamshala etc., because from here they would get the most rides. Once here, it seems that we have come to Tibet. However, this place has now become a den of foodies.

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The history behind the Gurudwara majnu ka tilla

Gurudwara Majnu Ka Tila Sahib is located on Timber Pur Colony in Delhi on Kibber Pass Road and Outer Ring Road. Tila Sahib Gurudwara is situated on the banks of the Yamuna River. Majnu Ka Tila Gurdwara is one of the old Sikh shrines in Delhi. This Gurudwara is made of white marble.

It is believed that during the reign of Sultan Sikandar Shah Lodi (1489–1517), a Muslim Sufi lived here named Abdullah. He used to get people from his boat across the Yamuna River at no charge.

It is said that he longed to get a glimpse of God. He was so lost in his thoughts that people started calling him ‘Majnu’, whose name has become a symbol of intense love in mysticism in Sufi literature.

When Guru Nanak Dev visited this place, he received blessings and enlightenment from Guru Nanak Dev Ji and became a disciple of a great Guru. On one hill was their Khanqah (ashram) on the banks of the Yamuna which came to be known as Majnu ka Tila. People were very attracted by Majnu’s divine personality. Indeed, a bright spirit, devoted love for the Guru made the missionary a religious place as an excellent center for centuries to follow.

Sikh military leader Badyel Singh stopped it in 1783 AD and Majnu Ka Tila was made a Gurudwara, which came to be known as Majnu Ka Tila Gurdwara. The sixth Sikh Guru, Guru Har Gobind Ji (1595–1644 AD) also stayed when he was called by Emperor Jahangir.

Maharaja Ranjit Singh got this gurudwara constructed and spent the income from his jagir in the maintenance of this historic gurdwara. In 1950, Delhi Sangat built this Gurudwara a big gurudwara.

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What is there in Majnu ka Tilla?

The tight and curvy lanes, monks, the serene calmness, real peace, curved lanes, alleys, chanting monks, and teachings of Dalai Lama make this place unreal. A walk beyond this colony, you find beautiful and humble Tibetan women in traditional attires, selling homemade momos in bogies-street style. Pop colors and soft serene singing, and the sound sweet tinkling bells of prayer surrounding the area. 

This place might seem like some never-ending dream to you, And so the saying goes: The place is truly magical.

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Majnu ka Tilla has many restaurants, guesthouses, boutiques, and hotels. The colony is also filled with small stalls selling local Tibetan trinkets, jewelry, fabrics, and more. You will also find several travel agencies that offer tours of Himalaya. Tourists often go shopping for souvenirs like Chinese silks, shirts with ‘Free Tibet’ written on them, and other curiosities.

Majnu ka Tilla is not just a mere location to roam around in North Delhi district, it is a vibe that packs all the stuff one needs to feel alive.

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How to reach Majnu-ka-Tilla?

Use the yellow line metro and get down at Vidhan Sabha station. And then take shared auto or some cycle rickshaw to reach MKT within in 10 minutes.

Where to eat in Majnu ka Tilla??

Well after some research and personal visit to this mini-Tibet in  Delhi, we have listed (sequentially) some amazing places where you can have mouthwatering food with your friends and family.


Food at MKT

Tee-dee restaurant:

Tee Dee restaurant serves jawdropping authentic Chinese and Tibetan food. Though The dining space is a little small, and the interior is plain, but the food which for me is a 1st priority is amazingly yummy!

Now, what you can try here: 

See, for starters, you should definitely give a try to their mind-refreshing fruit beer, it is crazy! Then you can move to Mutton Shabalay, Tingmo, Shapta, and many more things like thenthuk Tibetan bread, porridge,  you will definitely lose your mind and senses with the variety of food they offer in the menu.

Cost for two: Rs. 400 to Rs. 650

Cuisine: Tibetan & Continental

Timings & Location: 9 am to 10:30 pm, House No. 32, New Aruna Nagar, Majnuka Tilla, New Delhi, Delhi 110054

Ama cafe:

If you are a true Delhite you must have visited or heard of AMA’s cafe. It is one of the most famous cafe-cum-eating place in this colony. 

And, With its eye-appealing and outstanding decor and the ever-winning odor of coffee in the air, this cafe is a wholesome package to spend some quality time. This place is totally packed on weekends So you could wager how brilliant the food and ambiance is.

Cost: somewhere around Rs. 500 for two

Cuisine: Italian & Desserts

Best Dishes: Tiramisu Cake, maybe Choco Bum, Lemon Yoghurt Cake, and Spicy Chicken Pizza is a must-try.

Timings and  Location: 7 am to 9;30pm, House No. 6, New Tibetan Colony, Majnu Ka Tilla, New Aruna Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110054

majnu ka tilla

Yamuna cafe

Yamuna cafe is not a very large coffee, but the experience this place offers is incomparable. Located on the banks of river Yamuna, the view is amazing. And let me just tell you coffee and desserts are one of the best you can get here.

Cost: approx. Rs. 500 for two

Best Dishes: Kiwi & Pineapple Margarita, Chicken Arrabita Pasta and Smoke Chicken Pizza

Timings & Location: 8 am to 10 pm, D-34, East House, Majnu ka Tila, New Delhi

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Rigo Coffee House

Rigo Coffee House gives you a feeling like Mcleodganj can see people with luggage passing through the street. the amazing music this place offers is one of the best atmospheres you can ever experience.

Bonus point: the banana cake they make is probably the best you can have in Delhi.

Cost: Rs. 350 for two

Best dishes: of course banana cake, their  Tibetan Breakfast platter, French Toast lined with Honey, and special  Jasmine Tea (to soothe you, so it is a must-try).

Timings & Location: 7 am to 10 pm, House No. 17, Tibetan Old Camp, Majnu ka Tila, New Delhi

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Himalaya Restaurant

To reach here, Just take a right from Kori Restro and walk to the end of the narrow street. And To your left TA-DA, you are at the Himalayan restaurant. 

Well, It is not so popular, and I really have not much idea about this restaurant. But this place has to offer some unique and fulfilling dishes that you will not get easily in the rest of Delhi. Their food and staff are amazing and so are their interiors and decors because its walls exhibit some of the best photography of the great and huge Himalayas.)

Timings & Location: 7 am to 11:30 pm, House No. 26, Outer Ring Road, New Aruna Colony, Majnu Ka Tilla, Timarpur, Delhi, 110054

Kori’s Cafe

Kori’s cafe has some mind-boggling Korean dishes to offer your stomach. Other than that, they are serving yummiest desserts. The colorful and fancy walls make its ambiance worth spending your time to chill around and enjoy tasty meals.

Cost: Rs. 500 for two

Cuisine: Korean

Standout Dishes: Ramen and Dosirak (Korean Thali)

Timings & Location: 10am to 10pm, House No. 18-19, Tsampa Guest House, New Aruna Colony, Majnu Ka Tilla, Timarpur, Delhi, 110054

food at majnu ka tilla

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