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Considering the loss of real-time classroom teaching, because of the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown, CBSE reduced the syllabus of classes 9 to 12 by 30% for the present 2020-21 batch.

Announced by HRD Minister Ramesh Nishank on July 7, which was soon followed by an official notification by CBSE, on the same. This article is all about reduced CBSE syllabus and updates.

CBSE syllavbus reduced 2020-21 notification
Official statement by CBSE

CBSE syllabus has been rationalized keeping more emphasis on the learning outcomes so, the core concepts of students can be retained.

However, the board in its official notification mentioned that the deleted portions of the CBSE syllabus should not be considered for internal assessments or for the year-end board exams.

Also, teachers should ensure that deleted portions must be explained to the students so that they can use it to connect to other topics.

CBSE has made the early changes in the month of April itself considering the ongoing situation but as the lockdown got extended and the Covid-19 pandemic became worse, the reduction off bigger syllabi was on the table.

Revised CBSE syllabus class 9 syllabus pdf

Updates for REDUCTION in class 9 maths CBSE syllabus is given below:


Real numbers:

  1. Representation of terminating/ non-terminating recurring decimals on the number line through successive magnification.
  2. Explaining that every real number is represented by a unique point on the number line and conversely, viz. every point on the number line represents a unique real number.
  3. Definition of nth root of a real number.


   1. Motivate and State the remainder theorem with example
    2. Statement proof of the factor theorem

 Linear equations in two variables
    1. Examples problems on ratio and proportion


No deletion


Introduction to Euclid’s geometry- deleted the chapter
Lines and angles – no deletion


  1. Proof of the theorem deleted through Triangles are congruent if any two angles and the included side of one triangle is equal to any two angles and included side of the triangle (ASA congruence)
    Topic deleted– Triangle inequality is and the relation between angle and facing side inequalities in a triangles
    Quadrilateral – no deletion

Area – Deleted the chapter


1. there is one and only circle passing through the given non-collinear points
2. If a line segment joining two points subtend equal angles at to other points lying on the same side of the line containing the segment the Four Points lie on a circle.

Construction– Construction of a triangle of given perimeter and base angles.


Areas– Application of heron’s formula in finding the area of a quadrilateral
Surface areas and volumes– No deletion



  1. Histogram (with varying base length)
  2. Frequency polygon.
  3. Mean, median, and mode of ungrouped data

Probability– no deletion.

Revised CBSE syllabus class 9 social science pdf

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