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When was the last time you got ‘scared’ while watching an Indian horror movie? The answer will be disappointing. we have decoded reasons Bollywood horror movies suck.

When was the last time you came across any such venture coming from Bollywood that compelled you to shut your eyes and shiver for the entire night?

Even if you send out some zombies to look for the answer, it would be- NEVER.

Among the handful of horror movies that bollywood has ever produced, only a few have the potential of giving you chills. The rest of them are simply not worth being called a horror film.

On one hand, Bollywood films are doing wonders on the big screen, generating tremendous profits and fans all around the globe.

Whereas, on the other we barely get to see praiseworthy attempts when it comes to the horror genre. What’s wrong?

Let’s decode each reason bit-by-bit:

5 reasons bollywood horror movies suck
That one horrible monster from movie creature

Table of Contents

reasons Bollywood horror movies suck:

Eliminating the Risk

Most of the makers in our film industry do not want to take the risk of investing in such a genre whose projects have faced and have been facing criticism from it’s very own audience.

The makers believe in maximising their profits by playing safe, i.e on the pre-established masala films, biographies etc.

Such genres along with a vibrant star-cast pull a lot of people to theatres and result in golden figures at the box office.   

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Dilution of Genres

While a very few of the makers try to explore this ‘unexplored’ genre, even they mess it up. Most of the time, horror films are stuffed with romantic melodies.

In some cases the level even stoops down to item numbers. Leaving the viewer with a question, “Did i even sign up for this?”. Dilution of this genre along with a love story isn’t the main issue.

The problem arises when the script gets busy in dealing with this love story murdering the terror that should have been lurking in the audience’s eyes.

When we’re stepping into theatres to watch a horror movie. we are not interested in watching Bipasha Basu romancing with her semi-nude husband or watching Nargis Fakhri dancing with her co-actor.  

5 reasons why Bollywood horror movies suck
typical attempt to add masala in horror movies

Lack of Good Scripts

Good scripts have been missing for a long time. Not only horror but, the other genres too are suffering from this. When you can cash those ‘star faces’, what’s the need of a script?

A film like Tumbbad was a failure at the box office and films like Housefull Franchise, Dabangg Franchise, Baghi Franchise (the list goes on) were blockbusters. Sigh!

Instead of researching and diving into the rich mythology that we have, the makers tend to have a fixed list of ingredients when it comes to horror movies

Like – a lazy script, a dozen romantic numbers, and the evergreen eem bheem cleem type of mantras to get rid of ghosts.

5 reasons why Bollywood horror movies suck
typical toy to chant mantras!

Unwanted Songs:

We have seen uncountable terrifying creatures on and off-screen but 2014 was the first time when we got to see a full-fledged 3D Horror monster film coming from Bollywood on the big screen.

The run time length of Creature 3D was 134 mins out of which around 24 mins were dedicated to romantic & sad songs. If we consider the on-screen time of the creature itself, it won’t be more than 10 mins. 2 mins of silence on this.

I agree that songs are a poignant part of Hindi feature films. but, the makers need to get that buying a ticket for a horror movie means that we’re there to be scared and not to weep or sleep.

What can be done?

The makers should start taking this genre seriously. While Hollywood has given us an entire Conjuring Universe and is still working on it.

We here have been producing unlinked and unwanted sequels like the Raaz Franchise, 1920 Franchise.

The makers should start taking that risk and explore this genre too. Instead of cashing the pre-prepared formula- a star-studded cast + peppy numbers + sequel tags = BLOCKBUSTER.

they should work on the scripts.

Our mythology is a hub of tales, rather fascinating tales that are still waiting to be uncovered and thrown at the big screen. The horror fans (me being one of them) need to wait till we get to witness them.

I wish, the next time you step into the theatres to watch a horror film, you return with some nightmares.

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