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Bollywood is not only famous for Ananya Pandey’s struggle, nepotism, and pseudo-feminism by Neha Dhupia but also the ways in which Bollywood promoting rape culture, toxicity, misogynistic mentality, sexual violence, and assaults tops the chart.

After the horrifying case of Nirbhaya, women’s safety has been a concerning issue to be talked about, due to which people started scrutinizing India’s cultural factor, specifically gender-related norms and violence.

Bollywood is one of the largest film industries in the world and an epicentral source of Indian mediocre entertainment which reaches to more Indians than any other cultural phenomenon is definitely affecting the thinking pattern, observations of the not only present generation but coming generation too, i.e. young minds, shaping them up into wrong personalities.

Well, for a long time Bollywood has been backing off from showing any sort of real information about “sex” whilst, it has a historical background of promoting domestic violence, teasing, assault, rape, toxic-masculinity, machismo as “romanticism” where they use sexist words and equalize genitals as some “things”.

Tracing back to early historic 3rd Century, the Classic epic of all times, “Kamasutra” was written, the Ajanta-Ellora caves, all those structures, sculptures, images, etc. clearly depict past India as a sexually progressive country until colonization added the whole flavor of rules, politics setting up of societies, dynasty where British colonial rule established Victorian and Christian moral codes into Indian culture.

The influences of modern religious practices, nationalism, and patriarchial values due to which sex was started to be believed as a Taboo.

10 ways BOLLYWOOD Promoting Rape culture | Toxic-Masculinity

How Bollywood promoting rape culture and toxicity etc.

Mention below are the ways in which Bollywood contributes to misogyny and gender-specific roles violence to the Indian practices.

  1. Bollywood male lead actors {the most important and the closest thing to Indian boys and men to role models} are all designed with machismo, violence, and toxic masculine personality.
  2. One must item number can be found in almost every single Bollywood movie tho there are exceptions but item numbers are a must in Bollywood movies and nobody dares to question why always Munni has to be Badnaam? Why do we have to discuss Sheila Ki Jawani in an open theatre system? In the movie “R..rajkumar”, the song “ab karunga tere Saath Gandi Baat” is also very inapt.
  3. The usage of Hindi words with context to sex-related English words is not new in Bollywood, from the classic song “Jumma Chumma De De to “zubaaan pe laagaa namak Ishq Kaa” to cheez Badi hai mast“. The lyrics also seem to go from bad to worse. “Hua Chokra Jawan from Ishqzaade” (2012) goes”, “Danke ki chot pe, re seena thok ke, Aaja re Aaja JA, Hua chokra jawan re .”
  4. A gift in order to save women: Housefull 4, has a song titled “Chumma toh Banta hai“, which states that “I deserve a kiss” in reference to the “hero” saving the woman. It is an un-stopping culture.
  5. Eve-teasing, stalking, and using sexist words is gaining popularity.
  6. Bollywood always glorifies toxic relationship habits whether it is Tere Naam (obsessive-compulsive craving for girls’ attention) or Kabir Singh.  Where, In order to get a girl our “HERO” goes beyond to the limits.
  7. Losing one’s identity or changing oneself to be liked by a partner for example, in the movie Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. Where Kajol was playing a tomboy and in order to get the attention of Rahul played by Shahrukh Khan she ends up changing herself into a complete different personality.
  8. Even in the movie 3 Idiots which definitely received a huge response from everyone, contributed its bit, tho many not realize that in a scene where, “Chatur Ramalingam” the geek in the movie everyone loves to laugh at, giving a six-minute speech spiced with the word “balatkar” which means “Rape” to get continuous laughter from the whole audience.
  9. In the movie “Nayak” based on the political issues, the famous actor “Johnny Lever” continues to use “kya bey chakke” as humor which is totally inappropriate and “transphobic”.
  10. There is no discussion of consent or consensual sex, after-math of rape, in order to protect the honor of the family. The girl is simply married off with the rapist? What type of judiciary it is?
10 ways BOLLYWOOD is Promoting Rape culture | Toxic-Masculinity?
Conclusion, Audience wants these eye-appealing “item numbers“. But to move forward towards a safe and progressive place, the need for responsible content delivery has to be there by the filmmakers, cast, scriptwriter, etc.
According to scientific mental health studies at fortis, it is clearly proven that watching aggression/Violence shapes human behavior into that.
ways BOLLYWOOD is Promoting Rape culture, Toxicity
Also,  children do not even know that it is wrong, they just watch and learn that it is how it is. The wrong representation of sex by Bollywood which is natural human activity.

Amir khan along with some females in his show satyamev jayate clearly mentioned this issue.


 I am not stacking up everything as a feminist thing and also there is nothing feminist about, it is just we need better heroes, more responsible, healthy film-making, which does not represent sexual activity as creepy words, more open discussion of consent. There are some really nice movies which reflect on the rape issue: MOM, MANTRA, MARDAANI, etc.

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