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10 easy Indian breakfast recipes to make at home

Maintaining health these days is a real hectic task, because of this metropolitan life every second person, from school and college-going student to office going individuals; everyone is busy in their multi-tasking life. And in this whole process, the bodily nutritional aspect and requirement have lost its real sense, having junk food is okay at times! But the quantity of everything has to be healthy for the body. 

For example, Some person living far away in some hostel or PG consumes a lot of junk food and more or less we can say the food being provided by the hostel or PG itself can not match with the nutritional aspect needed for a growing body or homely-made food.

Hence, there the self-reliance of the person comes into the picture, and believe me these recipes are really easy to make Indian breakfast recipes.

In The Indian breakfast recipes, we are going to mention only those recipes having less than 300-kilo calories, they are high in protein, rich in fiber, and can be clubbed within your diet plans whether it is a 900-kilocalorie diet plan all 1200 kilocalorie diet plan these recipes can be easily clubbed and easy to digest, absorb and transportable in the body.

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List of the Indian breakfast recipes with nutritional benefits

Protein chilla

Ingredients required:


nutritional aspects for 3 chillas:

Great Millet dosa 

easy indian breakfast recipes

ingredients required


Mix jawar atta with grated veggies, paneer, chopped chilis, and spices and salts to make an even consistency paste. Grease the stove cook on medium flame and start making it just like your regular dosa 

Benefits of sorghum (Jowar)

Nutritional aspects for 4 dosas 

Vegetable dosa:

easy indian breakfast recipes dosa

Required Ingredients:


Mix the grated veggies finely with salts and veggies leave it for 5 mins. Grease the stove and prepare like regular dosa.

total nutritional aspects: 

Masala Oats

easy indian breakfast recipes

How to make masala oats?

you will be needing some regular vegetables such as 2 to 3 medium-size carrots, some hundred grams of pumpkin (small in size), and 1 medium-sized tomato and onion wash and dice them finely.


 Nutritional Aspect

The calories will be 248- kilocalorie, proteins will be 8-gram, fibers will be 10 grams, very rich in fiber.

Vegetable Upma:



Nutritional aspect:

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Banana smoothie:



we will be Using a mixer blender add a Banana some flaxseed or sunflower seeds or maybe pumpkins, also some dry fruits (any of it ), and then add rolled oats and blended for some 4 minutes to make a thick fulfilling drink.

Nutritional aspect

Oats Porridge: 

Oats Porridge easy indian breakfast recipes

Tip: Eat it after refrigerating for some 10 to 20 mins, you will be loving it!!!

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Banana Oat Bread: 

Ingredients Required:


Then serve warm or cold of your choice. 

easy indian breakfast recipes oats bread

It is delicious, healthier because it is made with ingredients like wheat flour and rolled oats add fiber and other important nutrients and no sugar so it is also healthy for sugar patients. 

Spinach Pancakes:

Ingredients Required:

Whole wheat flour, Egg, yolk, Yoghurt, Milk, Water, Vegetable oil, Spinach leaves (drained and chopped to a paste), Nutmeg, Salt and pepper, Oil, Spring onions, Beaten hung curd, Cheese, Egg, Sauteed mushrooms, Chilli powder, Parsley, Salt and pepper, Cherry tomatoes, Torn basil leaves, Salad/ olive oil, Lemon juice, Mustard powder, Garlic,


For Salad:  Mix dressing ingredients together. Combine with tomatoes, herbs, and seasoning. Chill and serve. 

easy indian breakfast recipes

First, you can make them with whole grains like whole-wheat flour, which will add heart-healthy filling fiber. You can also add extra-healthy toppings, like fruit to boost vitamins and fiber- and protein-packed nuts to transform them into a nutritious breakfast that will help you stay full through the morning.

Breakfast Salad: 

Ingredients Required: For the salad:, red capsicums (de-seeded), cherry tomatoes (cut in half), cucumber, lettuce leaves (torn), fresh basil leaves, chicken sausages, baby potatoes (cut in half), fresh red chili (de-seeded), red wine vinegar or lemon, dijon mustard, salt & pepper, honey, extra virgin olive oil


easy indian breakfast recipes- protein chilla

What you eat in your breakfast basically depends upon your mood and mental performance for the whole of the day. So, it will definitely boost up your mood, May increase your digestion, help in losing your weight, may boost your overall health, and protect you from any kind of disease. 

-BY Rajan sharma and Preet kumar

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