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Located close to the old Delhi railway station. Chandani Chowk is one of the busiest and oldest places in Delhi, where one can find the aroma of many cultures/ traditions/ clothes/ spices/ books/ food/ furnishings….etc.  here are the 10 best places to visit in Chandni chowk. 

Chandani Chowk is characterized by its serpentine crowded lanes, this densely populated market has been around for more than three centuries and it is said that this place was once visited by merchants from Turkey, China, and even Holland.

originally, the shopping area had around 1600 to some 2000 shops, but over the centuries it has been completely rebuilt and is now an extensive, expansive, and multi-traditional market area of Delhi. Exclaiming right??

Chandani chowk will never let you return home empty-handed, you will definitely end up buying so many things and that is what exactly the market of Chandani chowk is famous for.

One of the grandest markets of old Delhi’s history, Chandni Chowk is lined with huge-Havelis, kuchas, and thin-gallis telling the stories of another whole era gone by. 

10 best places to visit in Chandni chowk-

Each having its own untold-story and specialty and the areas are :

places to visit Chandni chowk

  1. Dariba Kalan
  2. Nai Sadak
  3. Bhagirath Palace
  4. Katra Neel
  5. Chawri Bazaar
  6. Kinari Bazaar
  7. Khari Baoli
  8. Fatehpuri Market
  9. Chor Bazaar
  10. Krishna Market
  11. Chatta market
  12. Kucha Chaudhary market

So, I really had some problems reaching Chandni chowk. So, if you too are visiting the place for the very 1st time here are some tips. I wish someone had told me before.

Tips to keep in mind while visting

  1. Carrying a water bottle is a must. keeping yourself hydrated is really important as it is a massive market to explore. 
  2. Have your phone charged/ carry a power bank if possible.
  3. Make sure you have enough mobile data/ internet pack in the phone, believe me, it will be really helpful.
  4.  Tissues/ handkerchief/ wipes for hygiene practice.
  5. Have some change/ coins, you will be needing them at times.
  6. And last but not least some good bargaining skills LOL !!!

How to reach chandni chowk??

Chandni Chowk is a station that lies on the Yellow Line of the Delhi Metro. Gate no. 1 is the entry/exit point from/towards the Chandni Chowk market and Townhall. 

The place is also near the red fort. Moreover,  It is also at a walking distance to the Old Delhi Railway Station. From the railway station, you can either choose to walk or hire an E-rickshaw at some 20-30 bucks.

Places/markets to shop at Chandni chowk!

10 best places to visit in Chandni chowk

10 places visit Chandni chowk

Dariba Kalan

Marked with the lane of silver jewelry to silver utensils. Dariba Kalan is a fine place to update your jewelry collection with all sorts of ethnic, traditional, western, indo-western, etc. 

The place best to personalize your jewelry collection according to your own taste of choice at affordable prices. There are many jaw-dropping varieties of trinkets, quality costume, Uttar- the one hell of sensual specially made Indian perfume and so many other stuff to make you go crazy while deciding.

Bhagirath Palace

Every single lane of Bhagirathi palace is lined and stuffed with mesmerizing and eye-opening light models. From basic bulbs to huge chandeliers, from lamps to fairy lights, from Diwali lights to hanging lights of all models, design, sizes, etc.

places at chandni chowk

Katra Neel

Located near chunnamal ki haveli, Katra Neel historically claimed to be a hotspot for indigo merchants/ traders but now it is a wholesale market for finest textiles/ fabrics, menswear retails stores and some wedding jewelries.

In fact, Raymond, leading menswear fabric retailer, set up its first franchise of Old Delhi right here.

Chawri Bazar

Shopping in Chandni chowk means shopping for weddings and we all know any wedding shopping is incomplete without the invitations which include wedding cards, boxes, Lifafas, etc. 

Chawri Bazar is one such place to get them at pocket-friendly prices. The bazaar has a huge array of cards of all shapes, sizes, colors, designs, and amazing printing quality.

This wholesale card market is also a place to shop for art paper or copper door fixtures, printing material, inks etc.

Kinari bazaar

The name itself came from the word zari stands for fancy traditional designing material. This market is another wonderland to roam in Chandni chowk.

This wholesale market is a place to search for zari, borders, laces, various stones with uncountable shapes and sizes. 

In addition, one can also get quality packing materials like gift papers, latkans, handmade envelopes, embroidered fabric, gota jewelry to complete typical Indian weddings and events.

famous places at chandni chowk
Paranthe wali gali

Khari Baoli

Maybe, in other words, the chef’s own kingdom, the place got its name from a saltwater step-well that was there in the area once upon a time.

Though the step-well is gone but the legacy of the market is continuously surprising us with the variety of spices filled with different textures, tastes, vibrant colors, and more importantly the sound of the street busy with business.

In this one of the largest spice markets in Asia, you can get each and every sort of spice, herb, shrub, tea leaves, and many other valuable pieces of authentic and traditional importance.

Fatehpuri market

If you are the one who carves for good quality paneer, khoya, and any other dairy/ milk products. Then, this place is one destination to visit. Many varieties of food like chole-bhatoore, Dahi-Bhalla, kulchas, Gol Gappa, and other worth-eating items.

Markets of chandni chowk
Khari Baoli- spice market

Chor Bazaar

Chor Bazaar exactly stands for the thieves market. Located around Lajpat rai market and red fort, chor bazaar is a real place to find 2nd hand, used items, damaged, poor, well, and stolen items at cheaper rates.

You can get cameras, mobile phones, shoes, branded clothes and so many things. But there will be no guarantee and warranty for things in this whole another world of shopping possibilities.

 chor bazaar

Krishna market

Place to shop ladies wear, embroideries, garments, traditional dresses, modern-day, up-to-date wear, suits, etc. for each and every occasion and nice prices. If you are a small businessman and some trader who needs bulk material, this place is meant for you.

10 best places to visit in Chandni chowk

For Books at Chandni Chowk

Daryaganj Book Market

Be it the latest or some outdated book and best-seller or an out-of-print book. Daryaganj is a hotspot destination for purchasing and selling books and more importantly for book lovers like me!!!!

 Market stretched more than a kilometer, this Market is also referred to as the world’s largest weekly book market ever. 

Organized every Sunday it is a  place to buy comics, magazines, textbooks, guides, stationery, medical to non-medical, architecture to art, cooking to fashion design this area has it all you just name your genre at very cheap prices.

Darya ganj book market
Sunday darya ganj book market

Nai sadak

A place of wholesale and retail shops probably best for students to buy stationery items and second-hand books. 

It is also a hub for all types of musical instruments, nice fabric types, branded sarees and lehengas. I can recall seeing some very nice and well-maintained shops like Dalmia fashions, vastra bhandar etc.

The market generally remains closed on Sundays and just a left turn from very famous Paranthe Wali Gali will take you to your destination-Nai Sadak. you can not just resist the charm of Nai Sadak.


Chandni Chowk or Delhi – 6, this place never denies to amaze you. with its endless variety, t is like a dream for shoppers like you and me. 

Some important highlights to mention:

 For finding quality goods, awesome food, and moreover even awesome-r stories: the roofed Chatta Chowk inside the Red Fort for worth remembering souvenirs.

The Daryaganj Book Market place for hard-to-get favorites, school books, and second-hand novels.

for kites and metal pots and pans:  Lal Kuan 

For all types of cameras – vintage and new photography equipment- Kucha Choudhary Market, and for spectacles, frames, and sunglasses and shoes Ballimaran Market would be your place to go.

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