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Being a freelancer and getting a job is no easy task and especially the field is trending and a lot of competition is going on. But no need to worry because we are going to list down 10 best freelancing websites to get a job in 2020.  

10 best freelancing websites in India:



Simply hired


LinkedIn and LinkedIn profinder

People per hour




The creative group



Working not working

What are freelancing websites:

Well, freelancing websites are the digital platforms where the freelancer (the job seeker) and the employer advertises for the work and offers for the same. freelancing websites are the medium to land into multiple areas to find their niche to work on.

 Freelancers have the opportunity to turn their talented hobby into a profession and earn money.

The freelancer has a certain freedom to choose, working from home, favorable hours, and earning from a comfortable area.

To be a Freelancer, it requires some skill set, freelancer can get hired for creative designing, web development, creative writing, video editing, and many other areas.

Some freelancing websites charge a fee or have some premium plan/ pro-service pack, But if you are a freelancer who is a beginner “do not go” for this in your first month rely on the basic plan.

How much a freelancer can earn?

The most demanding question, well for starters no one can answer this. Some people might say 10k-5k rupees, some say 25k, but it totally depends on your skill, number of projects, workplace environment, time management, stipend, etc.

Tip: There are so many freelancing companies that tend to take some sort of registration fee and do not fall for these tactics. There is a big no-no for this and if you find their job they are providing interesting, call them and get the information about it and then the deal like cutting out the registration fee from your first stipend sounds good right.

Brief about best freelancing websites


Fiverr website homepage

Fiverr Provides an option to freelancers to showcase the project they completed so the client can pick’em up; whose work sparks their interest, a great alternative to removing the need of contacting the worker one by one.


Upwork website homepage

Upwork has much to offer, the best freelancing website for finding work no matter what type of freelancer you are. it also provides collaborative safe space, built-in in-voice maker, and maintains great transparency in the recruitment process.


toptal website homepage

This freelancing website which themselves in a place to search the top 3% of talented freelancers. The process is so rigorous that out of thousands of applications, they only accept a few.

 LinkedIn and LinkedIn Profinder:

10 best freelancing websites to get jobs 2020

Whatsoever is your field if you are creative enough; you should have a LinkedIn profile. It is an amazing place to work with, make genuine connections, pitch people, and create your network. LinkedIn provides startups/businesses/organizations to find qualified people to work for them. It also sends you projects, creates leads to your email, a chance for writing a proposal, and boom bid.

People per hour:

10 best freelancing websites to get jobs 2020

You know what makes people per hour special on this list, it is their rating process. Yes, it provides every worker; a rating as a professional promotional procedure.

 It is free for freelancers but the website itself has more than 1.5 million freelancers that use their services so competition is a bit high so you should always be ready and improve yourself.


10 best freelancing websites to get jobs 2020

 Aquent has a policy that they mainly accept someone who has two or more than two years of experience in their field. But if you are a fresh graduate you are so welcome to explore their site. aquent made to the 10 best websites for freelancing list because it provides a salary guide to check how much your skill is worth to help you set your price.

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